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Client Testimonials

I love working with and getting to know all of my clients!

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Cristina G.

"I started workouts with Sara when I was about nine months postpartum. I was really searching for someone to help guide me on the best and most appropriate ways to be active again after having my baby and a C-section. And truthfully I was self-conscious of what I was still able to do. Her guidance and support was incredibly helpful to me returning to my fitness goals. Her approach is very kind and compassionate to whatever your specific needs may be. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for personalize, and one on one attention to achieve a fitness goal. I have never had a personal trainer before and now I see the value of having this one on one time because every body is different especially after having a baby."

Image by Alexandra Tran

Tandem H.

"Sara was so great to workout with and created fun workout programs that really pushed me. She was very motivational and also flexible with scheduling which was so helpful as a mom! I highly recommend working with Sara!"



Allie H.

"Sara was amazing! I got diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and a very weak pelvic floor after my first pregnancy and the second one made it worse. Sara’s knowledge and her own experience with both helped me tremendously. Her workouts pushed me and motivated me but I was able to go at my own pace. She helped me to understand what each exercise does to benefit my body and within 2 sessions I could already feel a difference in my core and my pelvic floor! If you are having issues with either, I highly recommend Sara, being a mom of two she gets it."


Sarah A.

"I had tried cutting calories, running faster and slower, and other types of exercise, but the weight just wasn't coming off after my last 2 babies.  Then after just 8 sessions with Sara, I have lost an overall total of 5 1/2 inches!  I love Sara's energy and the way she motivated me to keep going!"

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Rebecca P.

"I reached out to Sara after being in a slump with exercise for months.  I needed some motivation and positive energy to get me going and Sara gave that to me and more!  After 4 weeks of working with her, I lost several inches overall and gained the confidence and motivation I needed to get back into my routine.  Her regular check-in texts were great to keep me focused, and our weekly workouts were challenging and really fun!  Her flexible scheduling and in-person or virtual options were perfect for me as a busy working mom.  I'm so glad I invested in myself to work with Sara, and I can't recommend her training programs highly enough!"



Megan M.

"Sara made working out fun, and got me moving when I otherwise would have sacrificed that time for myself with something else.  I really appreciate how patient she was in working with my hectic schedule.  And I'm so thankful that she was understanding with my need to modify exercises at times.  She's a wonderful trainer!  So motivating, so great at staying focused, and so fun."

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